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If the tutorial has helped you in some way, and you'd like to share your experience with other writers, please email me so that I can post your story and URL here.
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"Thanks Ruby! Your guide really helped us uncover the path to designing our web site. Based on information from not only your guide but your site as well, we were given a virtual roadmap on what to do, where to start, and how to make our ideas concrete. Thanks for bringing two emerging writers closer to their dreams!"

-- Nakia Johnson & Yokairy Tavarez

"Ruby, I have just purchased and read your ["How To Build a Writer's Website"] book. Thank you for a job well done... It is resources like yours--not too pricey and delivering exactly what is promised without ridiculous hype--that give the writing community a good name."

-- Rene Ammundsen
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How To Build A Writer's Website
Tips To Effectively Showcase Your Writing
A Tutorial by Ruby Bayan

How To Build A Writer's Site - A Tutorial by Ruby Bayan

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About the Tutorial:

Whether you're a veteran writer, a newbie wordsmith, or a writer-at-heart; whether you write feature articles for a glossy, op-eds for the papers, or short novels for your children; even if you just write for yourself, wouldn't you love to tell the world about it?

Yes, you can -- by using the most effective spread-the-word tool known to man right now: the Internet. More and more writers are feverishly tapping their keyboards to roll out (and promote) their masterpieces (and their skills) via the 'Net. Don't miss the train!

Packed with tips and charge-to-experience advice, "How To Build A Writer's Website" is a compact and easy-to-follow tutorial focused on how to design your own optimized site from scratch. It guides you through the whole decision process from "Why should I get a domain name?" to "I've uploaded my website, now what?"

If you have the inclination to code your own HTML pages, or the resources to hire a pro, this tutorial will tell you what you need to know to make your personal site highly effective at showcasing your valuable assets: your writing.

About the Author:

Ruby Bayan shifted to a career in freelance writing at about the same time the 'Net became a new media tool. Her personal website,, where she showcases her published work, is listed by Writer's Digest as a runner-up in the Best Writer's Site Contest 2002. She used to design websites for authors and writers. She now focuses on her writing.

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