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"What's New in This Writer's Life"

by Ruby Bayan

09/16/11 - Okay, I'm done sending out email attachments of my "How to Build a Writer's Website" tutorial. It's now available online -- the whole thing. Free. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email and I will do my best to help you out.

08/30/11 - Sometimes life puts you on a holding pattern for a little bit. Right now, I'm on one. My dayjob as a recruiter for Elyon International, Inc is my daily focus, and I do my polymer clay projects in my spare time. I do need to get back to my stock photography. And my gardening. Oh, I now have a LinkedIn profile.

06/21/11 - A lot of changes happening. As my son pointed out, it's like the shift that occurs when a TV series starts a new season.

eHow has finally terminated its Writer Compensation Program and totally revamped its online presence -- that was good while it lasted.

Stoney Burke Productions shows are on hiatus, so my role there takes a break too.

I'm spending more time as an IT recruiter, and less time as a stock photographer (but hey, my 85 images on Dreamstime steadily drops coins in my piggy bank).

On the beading front, while I've recently shifted to creating polymer clay beads, one of my gemstone bracelets was chosen by Interweave for the Stringing Summer issue (already available). And coming soon, a new release of Creative Jewelry magazine features my simple but dramatic "Black As Night" necklace!

And, oh yes, I'm a step-grandma now! A new season, indeed!

03/21/11 - I wear a hat that only a few of you know about. I'm a recruiter for Elyon International, Inc. So, if you have an IT background and reside in the Portland OR or Vancouver WA area, feel free to send me your resume. We might need someone like you!

02/18/11 - My stock photography portfolio on Dreamstime is growing by leaps and bounds! I think I'm getting the hang of it. Visit my collection, and if you want to explore this new fascination of mine, come on out there and join us!

01/23/11 - Here's a stream-of-consciousness essay on my Life With a Rockjock. "The rockjock is Mike, aka Stoney Burke. I'm Ruby Toosday, his sidekick, tech, executive assistant, and significant other. This is one angle of my life."

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