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"What's New in This Writer's Life"

by Ruby Bayan

12/21/10 - New book review: Tapping the Source: Using the Master Key System for Abundance and Happiness by William Gladstone, Richard Greninger, and John Selby. Wouldn't it be great if life had an instruction manual? Fortunately, every now and then, someone writes a book that gives us, in no uncertain terms, step-by-step instructions on how to achieve success and happiness in life. Tapping the Source is that type of book.

12/15/10 - Wishing everyone the best of the holiday season. May all your Christmas dreams come true! Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

11/22/10 - I'm officially announcing my foray into microstock photography. If you're in need of photos for your scrapbooks, blogs, presentations, books, etc., come to for royalty-free images. My collection is here. Interestingly, my first sale is this image (I have a fondness for hearts. I don't know.):

Red Heart

11/12/10 - To remember my Mother on her birthday, I made a video of one of the many lessons she taught me: Count Your Blessings. I gathered some of my photos and mixed in one of the 2-minute Life Coach segments that I contribute to DZRJ-AM. (Background music is "A Love of Home" by Jim Chappell.)

11/11/10 - Finally gave in. Out of curiosity mostly. I'm now on Twitter too. rubybayan. Follow me. [Bracing for information overload.]

11/01/10 - You never really know where life takes you. Last week, I received an invitation to be one of the Life Coaches of the reformatted and revitalized DZRJ 810AM. It's now called The Voice of the Philippines, the only all-English AM radio station in the country. My life coaching delves into self improvement, self empowerment, and personal growth. It's an opportunity to talk about my favorite Inspiration:Motivation:Action topics.

10/26/10 - Mulat Pinoy has posted my feature article After A Decade of Absence on their website.

The 24-hour long-haul from Florida that gripped me in a daze of jetlag, cabin allergies, and muscle cramps dumped me in Manila in the middle of the night. Nonetheless, I couldn't contain my excitement -- I was finally back home after 11 long years. Read more.

09/29/10 - A lot of pay-to-write websites are becoming popular these days. We all know Demand Studios (mother company of, and the old Suite101, Associated Content, Squidoo, and Helium, among others. There's also Bukisa, ListMy5, and VideoJug. If I do a Google search for "pay to write" I get a long list of sites, as well as articles listing sites that pay writers for posting articles, blogs, reviews, and videos. Countless opportunities for content providers out there. Now's the time to get your foot in the door. Good luck!

09/02/10 - Received word from a fellow writer and long-time online friend, Marinza Bruineman. She's come out with a new book!

'Salt in Your Cocaine' is a wryly satirical expose of Global Warming, weather manipulations and the best Ponzi scheme ever. It is a highly irrevent page-turner about the state of humanity and the lies and deception that have become the standards for civilized society all over the world. In addition, Salt in Your Cocaine provides the readership with a very interesting and unique way to look at their fellow humans and recognize their potential behavioral patterns with the Human Behavioral Quintet. While supported by real facts, Salt in your Cocaine allows the readers to draw their own conclusions and decide for themselves if this is the world they want their children to grow up in. This book is a tremendously humorous read at the same time that it is a real warning to where humanity is heading.

Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and all major bookstores September 1, 2010. For a discount and more information:

08/12/10 - My new blog is up. Ye, ye, ye, another blog. This one's all about my jewelry. Nothing much to say, other than, head on out there and enjoy! Oh, the title of the blog is...

Go to RubyBeads

Ruby's Memory Bracelet

07/26/10 - One of the many hats I wear is Producer of the shows my partner (radio name: Stoney Burke) hosts over RJ Underground Radio, an FM station in Manila. If you're into classic rock and all its iterations, you'll enjoy listening to Stoney's weekly programs. Go to or click on the banners of The Stoney Burke Show and Center Stage on the left margin.

07/10/10 - A promising star writer wrote me asking for the best way to jumpstart his freelance writing career. He wondered if he should start by writing free articles to get critiques. I said he can get feedback via the many writer forums online, where experienced and talented professional writers generously offer guidance to newbies. As to writing for free, I said, "Try not to write free articles. Value your words enough to demand payment in exchange for rights to publish them." Then I told him to Google "pay to write articles" for a long list of sites that pay writers for their work.

06/29/10 - And here's my necklace and earrings set that Creative Jewelry 2010 published. The mag is released once a year but it's packed with wonderful, stunning, mind-blowing jewelry projects. A must-have resource of inspiration for the jewelry handcrafter.

Golden Pond Necklace and Earrings

06/18/10 - Stringing Summer is in the stands! Lots of lovely necklace projects, all so fun and colorful! They published my set (bracelet and earrings) featuring ceramic flower barrel beads!

Fertile Ground Bracelet and Earrings

05/09/10 - If you're a tropical fish fan, come on over to I'm hosting the Betta and Guppy pages. Rate your pets and share your stories, photos, and videos. There's a huge community of pet lovers over there.

This is my Betta splendens, Bruno.

04/07/10 - Emily Eddington, the morning anchor for WSIL Channel 3 in southern Illinois, emailed me to ask if I could be interviewed for their next "3 Ways to Save" segment. She wanted to do a feature on my eHow article, How to Save Money on Home Decor. We did the phone interview yesterday; the story went on air this morning. Read the story and watch the video: "3 Ways to Save on Home Decor."

Ruby Bayan on WSIL Channel 3 Southern Illinois

04/01/10 - I just launched a new Wordpress Blog, "Neural Spork: Mental notes to masticate." After several iterations, I've settled on three main topics: "Filipina in America," "DTM: Did Them Myself," and "FWIW: For What It's Worth." Join me as I put my thoughts and feelings to words. I bet you'll learn something new.

03/15/10 - Check out my new book review: "How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth" edited by John E. Wade II.

03/11/10 - True to how a friend described it, my two-week trip to the Philippines came and went like a dream. Now I want to start planning for my return. Places to revisit, people to catch up with, tastes to remember--there was just not enough time. But I've stashed pictures to remind me of the wonderful couple of weeks I spent with family and friends. Details are at my Facebook page.

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