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Notes from My Guests


I originally found the Inspiration/Motivation through Suite101 and so, had not been to your Web site. It's beautiful! I love your layout, your articles, the up beat feeling, your son's column. Really, I can't say enough about it. If you were ever at all interested, I'd be honored to feature any of your motivational/inspirational pieces on

... Your site really shines, both in originality and in quality. Besides the wonderful content (the articles you wrote!) the design and layout are wonderful.

-- Mark Farmer


I've really enjoyed reading your articles. You have a distinct voice that will add to the diversity of our site. . . .
After reading all of your material, I feel honored that you've allowed this personal view of yourself. You are inspiring, indeed.

-- Angie Parkin
The Foundation for a Better Life

Foundation for a Better Life
This non-profit, non-commercial organization is carrying many of my inspirational stories. Visit them for ways to help make the world a better place for everyone. Then pass it on.


Just wanted to let you know you've got a really well done website here. I just made my own site and it is still being developed, yours is really nice with all kinds of stuff and good links and info. Bravo!

-- Max Hartshorne
Managing Editor
Transitions Abroad


Very impressive!! I knew you were talented from the first time I read one of your articles. And your photo is beautiful. Good luck with everything.

-- Loraine Page
Link-Up NewsMagazine
Homepage: RhapsodyofWords

Hi Ruby;

I've been wandering around on your site and enjoying it thoroughly, and I must tell you that you've done a remarkable job! I can't imagine the amount of time you've devoted to this effort, hats off to you for the dedication.

I've enjoyed the site so much that I would really like to add a link to my own site. I'm in the process of creating a page of links that would be helpful to my writers, and if I could add a link to your site it would really start things off on the right foot.

-- Amanda Swanson

"What's New in This Writer's Life"

by Ruby Bayan

12/30/07 - New: Book review: Life Safari by John Strelecky.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2008!

12/24/07 - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I wish you a prosperous and meaningfully challenging 2008, ushering opportunities for growth, adventure, and excitement! More writing to the writers, editing to the editors, beading to the beaders, crafting to the crafters, and art to the artists! All the best to you all!

11/30/07 - I've just completed a special project that had been in my to-do-list for many months -- a water feature for the corner of the garden next to the entrance to our patio. And, hitting two birds with one stone, I wrote a how-to article about it on How to Make a Japanese-Style Water Feature. The story behind the project is on my LearnSomethingNew blog.

10/16/07 - I will be spending more time with eHow, posting how-to articles on a regular basis. It's quite fun, writing step-by-step instructions about stuff I actually enjoy doing... from cleaning the house to caring for pets, to planting a garden, to making handcrafted items. If you enjoy writing short how-tos, check out could make a little money on the side.

New book review: "Mistakes Were Made (but not by me) - Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts" by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Christmas Traditions: True Stories of Holiday Celebration

Send submissions to: Helen Kay Polaski (Szymanski) at

Christmas Traditions: True Stories of Holiday Celebration will be filled with stories that touch the mind as well as the soul as they take the reader on a magical journey through Christmas—past and present—while giving the reader ideas for traditions they might be interesting in adapting in the future. Each story will focus on either a well-known holiday tradition or a unique tradition known only to a particular family or community, as well as a touching story that circulates around each individual tradition. (I love traditions and can’t wait to see how your family celebrates Christmas!)

Stories must be first person, true accountings of either shared or unique traditions celebrated by families, communities, and/or groups during the Christmas holiday season, and all must be based on strong individual family/community dynamics, specific geographical location, and/or different cultures and religion. Approximately 70-80 stories (700-1,200 words) will be gathered. (When writing your story please keep in mind that Christmas is the most magical time of the year. I want to see the magic unfolding on the page before me as I read, and so do my readers.)

Payment: upon publication, $75 and a copy of the book (for each accepted story)

08/02/07 - I just received my copy of Ascott Living (May-June 2007) magazine, a publication by Ascott International -- my article about the Philippines ("Celebrating Life") is on page 10. Thank you, Paperclip Communications, for finding me, and for the opportunity to write about my home country.

06/21/07 - Yes, I am now with They've hired me as an "Expert" to write articles on my various areas of interest, most especially Home & Garden. So, come on by and ask questions, request for articles, leave feedback, or hang out in the eHow Community forums.

06/11/07 - I'd like to share the heartwarming emails I received recently from two online visitors. These are the people (folks who may forever remain my "virtual" friends) who keep me writing.

Dec 12, 2006
Dear Ruby,
I wanted to write and let you know how thankful I am that you have managed to captivate what it is to have a climbing buddy. I'm getting married next spring and as part of the wedding we wanted one of my best friends (and climbing partners) to do a reading on the likeness between climbing, a climbing partner and a relationship. After reading lots of mountaineering books and trauling the web, I came accross quite by accident, your 'I (heart) my climbing buddy' article on The Bundok Philippines Website
As a result, I've adapted it for our context and we are very happy with it so thank you. We would therefore like to reference you as the author and hope that is ok. Regards, Oli.

May 1, 2007
Hello Ruby,
We had a fantastic wedding 2 weeks ago and as just a fabulous time on honeymoon too! Thank you so much for writing the essay in the first place. We had to shorten it for our ceremony. My climbing partner Jade read it wonderfully. With only a few references to climbing throughout, one could almost forget that the subject was climbing and think of it as a normal relationship. This is exactly what we wanted. So many people mentioned the reading and it was really well accepted. Your name was given as the original author. Many thanks, Oli, Norwich, UK
PS. If you are interested in the photos some are at: Our Wedding

"Hi Ruby, I did a search on google for best ways of packing because I will be moving soon and I am packing myself this time. I just wanted to let you that your article was very helpful and that it was a great resource that I will definitely use in my moving process. Thanks." - Alia C. (in transit)

Thank you, Oli and Alia! Much appreciated!

05/18/07 - Read my latest book review: "This I Believe" edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman.

03/27/07 - Helen Kay Polaski, Book Editor for the "A Cup of Comfort" series, is sending a Call for Stories:

Christmas is a time for making memories and sharing everything from visiting grandmother and grandfather’s house to opening presents, building snow forts, honoring the Christ Child, and enjoying a generous helping of plum pudding. All of the special holiday memories we've experienced in our lives have been forged in our minds and painted on the walls of our souls to be shared again and again with others. In keeping with that sentiment, we would be honored if you shared your best Christmas memories with us and with the world.

LENGTH: Word count should be between 800 and 1,200. Please send only complete stories that are inspirational as well as emotional, have a dramatic flair, pack a punch, and bring all of the senses into play. The best stories will invoke tears and/or laughter, or make the reader sigh. In a nutshell, make us feel as though we’re in the story with you.


Submissions should be sent in the body of an email. Include: name, address, phone number, email address, and 50-word bio. (Attachments will not be opened.) Only one submission per email.

RESPONSE: As you already know, because of the sheer numbers of submissions involved in a call for stories of this nature, it’s difficult to contact authors personally, however, upon receipt of submission an automatic response will be sent. This response will be your confirmation that your story arrived safely to my desk. (Please allow up to two days for a response. If/when time permits, I will do my best to contact authors personally.)

Authors of work that is selected to be in the book will be contacted prior to publication. Once selections have been made, entrants will be informed of the status of their work. (When in doubt, do not hesitate to contact me at the above email address.)

DEADLINE: May 30, 2007

COMPENSATION: $50 and a free book will be given to the author of each story that is accepted and published. Authors may submit more than one story for consideration. Authors will be limited to no more than three stories in the book.

03/12/07 - Yup, still cramming! Still busy writing for gigs here and there (in the US and Asia, that is), taking Photoshop self-taught crash courses now and then (results in my Flickr site), and designing handcrafted jewelry on and off (Stringing Magazine just accepted another necklace for their Summer 2007 issue! Woohoo!). I'm also gearing up to work with a new client on building their website. So, if you don't hear much from me, you know why. I'm also thinking of rearranging my crafts room. Sometime this year, maybe.

02/14/07 - FREE BOOK!!! Would you like to get a free copy of "French Creek" or "Blue Springs" by novelist Peter Rennebohm? Here's your chance! Read the details on his website: This offer won't last long, so hurry on up!

01/29/07 - Gosh, is it 2007 already? And February in a couple of days? Whew. So much to do, so little time! I had just redesigned the banner for my jewelry section. Maybe change it every so often. If I find the time. Haha! Meanwhile, I'm finishing up a bulk order for zipperpulls, writing for a home improvement magazine, and reading two books at the same time. Plus, I spend hours over at -- my new digital camera is racking up mileage over there. And ye, I'm waiting for the Spring issue of Stringing Magazine! Oh, I haven't posted in my blog in a while. Gotta go.

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