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Notes from My Guests


I originally found the Inspiration/Motivation through Suite101 and so, had not been to your Web site. It's beautiful! I love your layout, your articles, the up beat feeling, your son's column. Really, I can't say enough about it. If you were ever at all interested, I'd be honored to feature any of your motivational/inspirational pieces on

... Your site really shines, both in originality and in quality. Besides the wonderful content (the articles you wrote!) the design and layout are wonderful.

-- Mark Farmer


I've really enjoyed reading your articles. You have a distinct voice that will add to the diversity of our site. . . .
After reading all of your material, I feel honored that you've allowed this personal view of yourself. You are inspiring, indeed.

-- Angie Parkin
The Foundation for a Better Life

Foundation for a Better Life
This non-profit, non-commercial organization is carrying many of my inspirational stories. Visit them for ways to help make the world a better place for everyone. Then pass it on.


Just wanted to let you know you've got a really well done website here. I just made my own site and it is still being developed, yours is really nice with all kinds of stuff and good links and info. Bravo!

-- Max Hartshorne
Managing Editor
Transitions Abroad


Very impressive!! I knew you were talented from the first time I read one of your articles. And your photo is beautiful. Good luck with everything.

-- Loraine Page
Link-Up NewsMagazine
Homepage: RhapsodyofWords

Hi Ruby;

I've been wandering around on your site and enjoying it thoroughly, and I must tell you that you've done a remarkable job! I can't imagine the amount of time you've devoted to this effort, hats off to you for the dedication.

I've enjoyed the site so much that I would really like to add a link to my own site. I'm in the process of creating a page of links that would be helpful to my writers, and if I could add a link to your site it would really start things off on the right foot.

-- Amanda Swanson

"What's New in This Writer's Life"

by Ruby Bayan

12/16/05 - I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (and Happy Holidays)! May we all be blessed with a peaceful and prosperous 2006!

10/25/05 - Suite101 has announced a major revamp in structure, layout, and topic organization, which will affect my Inspiration/Motivation column. In view of this, I have decided to archive my articles in a special section of OurSimpleJoys. Please come back for updates.

To Lisa of Scotland: My response to your important question bounced. Please email me again.

10/23/05 - First the bad news: another hurricane is heading our way. Wilma is taking aim at Florida, so we're checking our hurricane supplies list again.

Now the good news: Stringing Magazine's Fall 2005 issue is available, and it features two of my necklace designs (plus four bracelets and five earrings!). Read details in my jewelry section.

09/20/05 - Not much to report lately -- a few writing assignments, some jewelry sales (and features coming out in Stringing Magazine Fall 2005), a major redesign of my crafts room, and getting all set for the Fall season of primetime shows. Life goes on!

08/13/05 - Finally found time to upload my articles into the "Life-in-the-USA" section. A number of folks had been asking to read my pieces there -- sorry to take this long. Most of the articles are loaded, and I should have all of them up pretty soon.

07/20/05 - Another one of my old articles found its way to print -- in another country. The "Manila Headlines," a publication distributed throughout Canada by Manila Cargo Express, bought reprint rights to my "Santacruzan" piece for their May issue. Got my copies yesterday. Thank you!

07/14/05 - Suite University is now offering our online courses for FREE! Check out the long list of courses. Hope you enjoy my backpacking tutorial. If you have questions, I'll be here.

07/06/05 - Everyone has to come up for air. So, here I am again, finally. What's goin' on? SuiteUniversity will be offering our courses for free sometime soon. So, my "Introduction to Backpacking" will become accessible to the public. I'll post a note here when it happens.

Two more venues reprinted my articles (love it when an article literally grows legs and goes places). Two articles are posted at the Readers Circle. My "How's the Weather, Brother?" is on Page 13 of Rhoel Mendoza's Global Pinoy publication distributed in the Philippines.

And I'm crossing my fingers that at least one of my submissions to a beading magazine gets the editor's nod. Now back to work.

06/05/05 - Just wrapped up a Powerpoint presentation for a client's talk at a convention in Seattle. Getting psyched up for a ghosting gig for a client in Maine. In between these keyboard-based assignments, I'm at my beading studio having a great time transforming gems and crystals into lovely accessories and keepsakes. Posted a few new items in my Jewelry section.

05/17/05 - Time flies. Next month it will be hurricane season again here in Florida. The chimney that fell in the deluge last year is new again, our carpet has been replaced, and our moldy walls have a new coat of paint. Hopefully, no worries this time around. It's enough that I have my hands full with these ghosting projects that suddenly, miraculously, came my way. Plus a jewelry home show in two months. Gosh, before we know it, it's already 2006.

04/13/05 - Spent the whole day revamping my jewelry section. Check it out!

03/29/05 - They say, "if you build it, they will come!" They also say, "stop looking, it will find you." So, because I've already built an online portfolio, it's when I sort of stopped looking for writing jobs that I get inquiries about my services. It's when I retired my handmade journals that I get requests for just a few more. Funny how life is that way. I certainly appreciate my parents who taught me how to be a Jill-of-all-trades. Because life is that way.

03/01/05 - Major shift. I've decided to retire all but two of my handmade gifts and keepsakes product lines. I just finished a bulk order for notepads which essentially put my raw materials inventory on its reorder level again. But because I'm gaining momentum with my jewelry endeavor, I had second thoughts about re-stocking my paper products inventory. Long story short, I'll be shopping for beads instead of cardboard. Making the journals and keepsakes was fun while it lasted. Bookmarks and mini-notepads are still available, though.

On the writing front, I've recently started a work relationship with a fitness expert who needs a little help with her brochures, releases, and site content. And, my Suite101 article, "Good Wishes For Our Enemies," is now also at

02/08/05 - I'm glad I don't only write -- I also handcraft. Which came first? I don't really know. But right now, it's the best arrangement for me, not only because handicraft orders come when writing assignments are sporadic, but also because shifting between my keyboard and my crafting table helps with my CTS. Tap keyboard, make journals, tap keyboard, string beads, tap keyboard, sew throw pillow covers -- it works.

Speaking of crafting, a returning customer ordered 40 of my "Shapes-of-Nature Bookmarks" for her seminar gift bags. She had just emailed me a huge compliment: "Bookmarks were a hit! Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone loved the bookmarks!" And that's why I'm glad I don't just write.

Shapes-of-Nature Bookmarks
[click image to go to my bookmarks store]

01/04/05 - I received a request from Helen Kay Polaski of The Rocking Chair Reader to post a call for submissions:

"Something Old, Something New" (Deadline: February 28, 2005) We invite you to submit your very own slice of Americana for consideration in this one of a kind anthology series. "Something Old, Something New" will feature 60-70 true stories that revolve around weddings and/or marriages that take place in America's small towns. For details/guidelines: e-mail Helen.

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