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"What's New in This Writer's Life"

by Ruby Bayan

12/22/02 - Worldwide Freelance Writer published a piece I wrote about writing for a global market. They published it first in their free newsletter but it's now available at their Web site:
Inspiring Readers on Opposite Sides of the Globe - Catering to worlds apart, I shift my perspective between American and Asian to effectively relay my message.

12/19/02 - I am honored to accept this nomination for Best Actress... ahem... I mean, for Dean of the School of Gardening at Suite University. It's official -- I've been appointed Dean. Wow! I don't know what to say.

12/13/02 - The Web site I designed and developed for Author and Crafter Teresa Brouwer just came online! Check out her Unique Gifts section for exclusive handmade gift ideas that she creates from eucalyptus and beach botanicals:

12/07/02 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! It's that time of the year again. Shopping. Presents. Parties. Food. Lights. Carols. Sweaters. Family. Friends. Cheer. Joy. Blessings. Celebration. Life. May the season bring you and your loved ones peace, love, and understanding. Be happy!

11/15/02 - Gosh, I didn't realize how long it's been since I updated my site. I've been busy, I guess! I'm almost done with developing my online course for SuiteUniversity. It's "Introduction to Backpacking" and I'm alerting all my climbing buddies if they have backpacking photos that I can highlight in the course.

Do you climb? Go hiking and backpacking? Do you have photos you want to share with students of outdoor adventure? All I can offer right now in exchange for permission to use your photos is publicity -- I'm going to give gushing thanks -- and will post links if you have sites to promote -- to everyone kind enough to share. E-me. Thanks.

10/28/02 - Take advantage of my generosity! :) As a gesture of my appreciation for all the great things that have happened to me this year, I'm selling my handmade one-of-a-kind Holiday Greeting Cards for half the price I would normally charge for the materials, time, and effort. Consider it my way of giving back to the community this holiday season. Order your cards now while I still have time to make them -- only $10 for a set of 5 exclusively handcrafted greeting cards. Go to my Seize-the-Day Greeting Cards page to choose between the holly and juniper leaves. So exquisite and so unique (not available anywhere else), they're guaranteed to catch the attention of your recipients!

10/26/02 - Got featured! The very talented and creative Alex Beauchamp of came across my site and discovered we had something in common -- we left the corporate life to pursue a dream. Alex had been building an inspirational site that features "women who show that despite any fear, struggle or concerns that comes up when living creatively, it is possible!" features the profiles of more than twenty female artists "who have successfully turned their creative passion into a job." Alex honored me with an invitation to join her site; my profile (you might learn something new about me!) went online yesterday. Thank you very much, Alex! More power!

10/24/02 - Got accepted! I submitted an application for Course Developer at the University and they accepted it! I'll tell you more about it when I've sent in all the requirements. If you're inclined to conduct an online course, or if you want to enrol in one, be sure to visit SuiteUniversity!

I've just created another mini-site within an archive of my son's editorials. See for yourself why I am so very proud of this brilliant and insightful young man. Read the words of Dante Gagelonia!

09/30/02 - Okay, the dust is settling. Thank you to everyone who visited my site this past week. The Writer's Digest newsletter that included "Serving Up the Best Site" (where my site got a neat plug for being first in the alphabetical listing of Best Site finalists), really drew a large crowd to my corner of the world. Thank you for your kind words, folks -- you're the reason for my site.

09/15/02 - Writer's Digest's feature on the winners of their 2002 Best Writer's Site Competition is out! See page 27 of the October print issue -- or read the online copy of Jessica Yerega's article: "Serving Up the Best Site". I would insist that you check out the winning site and all the other finalists -- they're absolutely awesome!

Thank you very much to those who e-mailed me heartwarming congratulations. You know how to make my day! Special mention to Grady Dubose of A Texan's Tales," Sharon Fullen of, Cliff Pickover of, and Alex Beauchamp of Thank you!

09/01/02 - This is getting old, but we moved again. Can you imagine lugging all your belongings from Florida to Texas and back to Florida in a span of six months? I did say life's a journey, so here's to life -- and to bigger and better things with every leg of the journey!

08/21/02 - Ready to surf to a couple of inspirational sites? Greg Hickman of The Motivational and Inspirational Corner and Thomas James Martin of's Caring for the Soul called my attention -- Greg wanted to exchange links and Tom included my sites in his latest column, Inspiration: Selected Suite101 Resources. Thanks, guys!

Yippee! Mr. DeliveryMan just handed me my copy of Writer's Market Online 2003! It's my prize from Writer's Digest for being a runner-up in their Best Writer's Site Competition. It even comes with a free one-year subscription to (the ultimate market research tool for writers)! Now I have all the writer's guidelines for hundreds of print and online venues at my fingertips! Look out editors, here I come!

08/09/02 - First of all, Happy Birthday to my young friend, Ricky Mendoza! Thanks for the exquisite sushi buffet!

Secondly, I hope that you all made it to the deadline of the call for submissions for the "Be Not Afraid" anthology by Phyllis Hobe of "Listening to the Animals." I almost missed it! I submitted my stories on the eleventh hour. Luckily, they met Phyllis' standards so she's publishing both of them! Yessss!

Thirdly, would you believe it -- Jim Chappell, the famous composer/pianist, e-mailed me! He thanked me for writing about his Nightsongs and Lullabies and Laughter at Dawn albums. And he mentioned that after five years he's finally come out with a new one which he says "turned out quite nice." Let's all go check it out at his homepage,

07/23/02 - One of my cyber-friends, Jennifer Hollowell, a prolific and versatile freelancer, is sending out calls for submission to her two special projects: a book of handwritten letters at JMH Creative Solutions and a "rejections" art form at Writer's Block Project. Very creative projects you may want to be part of! Check 'em out!

07/16/02 -, hosted by Lisa Love, recently invited me to be one of their columnists. "Live the Moment" will launch on August 1st, and essentially reprint my Inspiration/Motivation articles. If it means I would reach more readers and make a difference to more lives, by all means! Thank you, Lisa.

07/12/02 - Okay, I guess there's no sense postponing this announcement: is one of the Top 10 "Best Writer's Web Sites" according to Writer's Digest! Here's the e-mail from WD Assistant Editor, Jessica Yerega:

"Hi Ruby:
Your site has finished as one of the nine runners-up in the second annual Writer's Digest Best Writer's Web Site competition. Congratulations to you! The top 10 sites were chosen from about 425 nominations, and I know your site will set an excellent example for the writers who are our readers."
Unbelievable, huh?! Well, I'm not dreaming! Thank you very much, Writer's Digest! And thank you to all the wonderful people who have given me tons of inspiration and encouragement. Your compliments make all the effort worthwhile. Gosh, I am sooo happy!

Kelly Henderson of, you are too kind! Thanks for the generous congratulations! Folks, if you're in any way interested in playing the piano, or in music and creativity in general, you gotta check out Kelly's online world! She's a fellow editor at (Follow Your Passion) and a very good and inspiring cyber-friend.

07/09/02 - I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened an e-mail from "THE" Jenna Glatzer of! She wanted to reprint my article, "Want to Write Non-Fiction? Get a Life!" And she left me a most heartwarming note. Of course, it's now the latest entry under my "Heartwarmers" (see left margin). Thank you very much, Jenna!

06/22/02 - Got my complimentary copy of the July/August issue of Energy for Women Magazine. The issue hits the stands July 2nd but I got an advance copy because my "Skinny on Zzzs" article is in it. Dance of joy! Another article in a national glossy! Woohoo!

And what have I been doing lately? Developing a new line of novelty items. This time it's a set of bookmarks and an accordion card (actually 5 cards) that would look great on any desktop. It's a rendition of the article I now have at Suite101 entitled "5 Laws of Life You Can Depend On." The items are done (they look lovely!). I'll just take some digital photos, and post them in my gifts page. Watch for the launch!

Oh, those waiting for the OurSimpleJoys newsletter, I'll be out with it sometime soon. Welcome to our six new subscribers!

06/10/02 - I recently received an interesting e-mail from a site owner in Belgium. Amazing how the 'Net can open doors to the most unexpected sources of information. Here's what I mean:

"Hi, I personally visited a few days ago your interesting and nice looking website ... welcoming atmosphere... well designed... and I thought we could exchange a reciprocal link as our sites basically cover the same theme: "Creative-Story-Writing" on some pages. My website is at, and concerns life cycles, synchronicity, new-age, biorhythm, human consciousness, health, career, course of life, relationship, metaphysical... using birthdays and the Life Cycles Matrix System for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny."
Rik Wellens is the site's Webmaster. He has amassed so much helpful information in his site -- it's an engaging adventure just reading his deliberations. Take the time to visit -- you could be pleasantly surprised.

05/31/02 - Ah, I finally completed migrating my FreshwaterAquaria articles to a new section here in my homepage (which the owner, i.e., moi, will never shut down). Visit the new OurSimpleJoys: Freshwater Aquaria mini-site.

So, how's my carpal tunnel coming along? Well, as a dear friend had just said, "the body has this amazing ability to heal -- just take it easy." Yes, I'm taking it easy. So that tomorrow, when the body has healed, it can once again transform strings of simple words to cascades of fond memories and simple joys.

Oh, by the way, so much activity (or should I say de-activity) is going on all over the Web that I am having a bit of a difficulty keeping up with link updates. Today, I have had to delete (and all the article links to my published work there) from my "Regular Gigs and Latest Articles" column because the site finally shut down.

At the rate online venues are going offline, you will most likely come across a dead link or two while surfing through OurSimpleJoys. I will try to verify my links more frequently. I apologize for any inconvenience.

05/20/02 - Oh my, has it been two months since I last updated my welcome page? Time flies when you're having CTS symptoms! Here's the story: Speed Bumps in the Highway of Life.

What else is new? My site is going the way of the dotcom crashes. WebSeed Publishing, our host, is shutting down its servers (their "promising" content provider model didn't work). Therefore, I'm trying my darndest fastest to migrate all my fishkeeping articles to a new section here in OurSimpleJoys. Hopefully, the fishkeeping community I built back there will follow my articles to their new home.

For fellow writers: Listening to the Animals editor Phyllis Hobe is putting together a new anthology. Check out the guidelines at

03/25/02 - I'm alive! A lot of changes happening lately, keeping me from my usual 'Net activities. I haven't been able to update the sites I maintain, and I'm not sure if I can get back into my usual groove. I've just stepped into a new "supporting role" that could eat up most of the time I used to devote to my Web presence. But I'll be here. My words will be here. And I'm hooked up to the 'Net again, so...

Oh, let me share my latest simple joys... here's an e-mail (quoted with permission) that really made my day!

A friend found your website a few weeks ago and passed it along to me...
I'm hoping to make writing my career, and your website has been a big push in that direction...
Thanks for your help. I appreciate what you've done for me, and for all the others that are trying to succeed in the writing business.
Joe Nappi"
My thanks to you, Joe!

02/14/02 - It's words like these that absolutely make my day!

"You have a wonderful homepage that showcases in a pleasing way the expression of wide-ranging interests, the art of on-line soft-sell marketing and the son who is evidently your pride and joy. If I had a single creative bone in my body and could afford a web page, this is one link I imagine one should have for the pure satisfaction it gives visitors and potential clients."
Thank you, Yvon Noel Decangchon (Managing Consultant of a marketing research firm in the Philippines).

02/07/02 - Yes! A lot of activity going on at my Fish site. New message board, hit the 400-subscribers mark today, and a lot of interaction with my visitors and fellow hobbyists. We are looking good out there!

01/21/02 - Off to a good start: Phyllis Hobe, editor of the Listening to the Animals book series, has accepted my animal stories (two!) for her upcoming book, "Their Mysterious Ways." This will be my first appearance in an anthology. Thank you very much Phyllis!

01/16/02 - The new year does this to me -- I've taken another plunge. I've opened an online store. Okay, I've always dreamed of opening my own novelty store, where I'd sell items I've made myself, curio and decor I've picked up from my travels, and one-of-a-kind stuff -- you know, stuff you'd give to someone who has everything (like yourself)! Well, since the 'Net begged for it, I gave in. Check out my first product line to go public: Handmade Journal Cards. Need something for Valentine's?

01/03/02 - Starting the new year with a gift for my visitors -- I'm giving away a FreshwaterAquaria calendar. Designed especially for my fellow fishkeepers! Go to my Tropical Fish section for a free download.

01/01/02 - Welcome 2002! Another year, another opportunity to make a difference. What did they say in the movie, "Vanilla Sky"? "Each passing moment is a chance to turn things around." We have another new year to turn things around.

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