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My tropical fish tutorials
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Background (or why I have lots of fishkeeping articles):

A huge tutorial site was supposed to have formally launched in late 2000 -- I was their "expert" for tropical fishkeeping, and my section was "Ruby's Tropical Fish." However, the site suddenly hit a financial snag and announced that it could no longer maintain its online presence. My tropical fish site, therefore, drifted into the cyber-void.

Fortunately, a promising online content provider, WebSeed Publishing came up with a model that allowed me to build a site around my tropical fish material. They let me use the domain name,, and hosted the site for free.

The site grew and gained a newsletter subscription base of more than 600 e-mail addresses. Compliments poured in, and, through its Question-and-Answer and Message Boards, started building a community of hobbyists.

But, after a year of income-generation hits and misses, WebSeed Publishing announced that it could no longer sustain its model.

Once again, my tropical fish articles lost their home. So, until a new and more stable online model for content and community development comes along, I will archive my fishkeeping articles here in my own homepage.

[ The tutorials come with digital pictures courtesy of my brother, Ronald Bayan, who's also a serious tropical fish hobbyist. ]

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Digital Photos
by Ronald Bayan

fantail guppy Fantail Guppy

swordtail Swordtail

sunset variatus Sunset Platy

cichlid Cichlid

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