Ruby Bayan is a freelance writer who likes to share her simple joys.
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They say Aquarians are free spirits -- independent, adventurous, carefree and footloose. Hmmm. I guess I really am an Aquarian. I can't say I'm a diehard traveler, but I've been around. I've visited most parts of my home country, and seen Singapore, Jakarta, Hannover, Berlin, plus a number of states in the US. I've never been to Timbuktu, though.

The articles included in my Travel section were published in LifeLine Magazine,,,, and -- about specific places I've visited, my personal travel stories, as well as tips on travel and transportation. Some of them were reprinted at


* Portland, Oregon -- Where You Can See Forever
* How's the Weather in Portland?
* Cocoa Beach - Home to Seagulls and Space Shuttles
* St. Augustine, Florida -- A Blast From the Past
* A Peek at Daytona Beach
* Lookout Mountain of Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee
* North Carolina or Bust!
* A Quick Take of the City by the Bay

Travel/Transportation Tips

* Oh! The Luggage!
* Traffic Violations
* Toll Roads and Highways
* Drinking and Driving -- DUI
* Face-to-Face With an Immigration Officer

Book Reviews

* Off the Beaten Path, a Reader's Digest Book



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St. Augustine Beach, Florida St. Augustine Beach

Haystack Rock, Oregon Haystack Rock Cannon Beach Oregon

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina Grandfather Mountain Linville
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"Santacruzan -- The Queen of May, Philippines"
After a Decade of Absence
The 24-hour long-haul from Florida that gripped me in a daze of jetlag, cabin allergies, and muscle cramps dumped me in Manila in the middle of the night. Nonetheless, I couldn't contain my excitement -- I was finally back home after 11 long years. I was the native who clearly remembered how things were when I left; I was the balikbayan who felt like a stranger, thrilled and nervous to see how things have changed.

The Filipino Survival Instinct in The Land of Plenty
When I took a leap of faith to start a new life in the land of milk and honey, I had no delusions that I would be able to shed the Filipino values, morals, and traditions I grew up with. I knew that the Pinoy imprint, the integral part of my being, was something I couldn't modify to save my life. Like Americans say: "You can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl."

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