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Book Review: Off the Beaten Path
A Reader's Digest Book

by Ruby Bayan 5/24/09

It has happened many times – you’re on a road trip for a special occasion like a wedding or a reunion and while you’re out there, you want to grab the opportunity to check out what special sights the town, the city, or the state has to offer. That’s when “Off the Beaten Path” would be your best friend.

Reader’s Digest has prepared a valuable book… no, an indispensable tool… that helps make U.S. trips and vacations an optimized, memorable, and awe-inspiring experience. “Off the Beaten Path” devotes comprehensive chapters to the states of the union from Alabama to Wyoming. Each chapter opens with an introduction about the essence of the state and lists an average of 20 visitor attractions that are mostly obscure but pristine and undoubtedly inviting.

Each attraction’s description is packed with information including address, website URL, phone number, and icons to indicate accessibility, picnic and camping grounds, fishing, hiking, cycling, pets, wifi, winter activities, bird-watching, and horseback riding. Even hours, days, and months of operation are indicated. Seasonal events are listed as marginal notes. Of course, each state has an up-to-date atlas-type map showing all the featured attractions. The crisp and colorful pictures are icing on the cake.

“Off the Beaten Path” is for the traveler looking for interesting hidden wonders and scenery. No theme parks or party districts. This book focuses on natural wonders, state parks, museums, and historical attractions – places not too many people have seen but must be appreciated for their raw beauty and undying stories at least once in your lifetime.

Whether you suddenly found yourself in the middle of a town with a name you can’t even correctly pronounce, or your children want to drive out to see the green animals at the oldest topiary garden in the United States; whether you’re just killing time, or meticulously planning a momentous cross-country tour, you’ll be glad “Off the Beaten Path” has all the priceless nuggets of information you need.


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