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Sunset Photos
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Sunset at Flat Rock Flat Rock, Torrey Pines State Beach CA
"The end of another day... a promise of another beautiful day and sunrise over the ocean in Florida..." -- Ray Deza


You probably won't believe that I have a bachelor's degree in Biology, and that I had originally wanted to be a marine biologist. Well, I also wanted to be a doctor. Fate has her way of messing with even the best plans, so, here I am, sitting in front of a computer, writing articles about plants and animals.

The first major writing gig I got involved in concerning animals was the former project through As one of their feature writers, I wrote new pieces and re-wrote, re-formatted, or copyedited those of others.

We basically worked in teams, work-for-hire, which meant that none of us showed up in the bylines. I can claim, though, that I wrote and/or edited more than 500 of the core articles (plus a few monthly feature pieces) published in the Petopia site.

I had the opportunity to write about how to choose and care for cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, tropical fish, reptiles and amphibians.

In 2007, found me. Helping build the site, I researched and wrote original content (more than 400 species details and descriptions) for the sections on fish, reptiles, small mammals, and livestock.

Other venues I wrote animal articles for are an SAT project (I wrote about bats, and sold all rights) and the EcoFlorida Magazine, where these were published:

* The Florida Manatee
Only with the help of responsible tourists, residents, fishermen and boaters will the coming generations have the chance to appreciate these gentle giants of the waterways.

* The Florida Scrub Jay
The Florida scrub is one of the most endangered ecosystems in all of North America, leaving the Florida Scrub Jay in a precarious situation.

Phyllis Hobe, editor of the Listening to the Animals book anthologies (released by Guideposts), published two of my pet-related stories, "The Aquarium In Our Living Room" and "His Reason For Visiting" in her collection entitled "Their Mysterious Ways."



Photo at top right taken by my son. His cat, Esthappen.

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Stinkhorn mushroom that grew on a nearby tree; photo contributed to clathrus columnatus

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Read the inspirational story behind my fishkeeping hobby:
The Aquarium in Our Living Room

Life's Lessons
I Learned While Sitting In The Patio
- Watching the activity of plant and animal life around our new home gave me insights -- "life's lessons" worth sharing.

    Ruby Bayan


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Sunset at Tagaytay Tagaytay, Philippines
"Something I brought back. I know you like the sunset." -- RSG

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