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~~ One-of-a-Kind ~~
All of my creations are one-of-a-kind. If you are interested in any of the items shown, please
e-mail me.
I will gladly work with you to design a similar piece with the elements you desire and within the budget you specify.
Rest assured that your jewelry will be lovingly handmade... exclusively for you. - Ruby

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12-06-05: Time passes quickly when you're doing jewelry. Let me update y'all with two of my latest creations: the red and blue millefiore bracelet that I sent out to the Bead&Button Forum Secret Beader Exchange, and the Mexico Flag amulet bag. Right now I'm trying to create something to wear to a Christmas dinner.
Red and BLue Millefiore Bracelet Mexico Flag Amulet Bag

11-10-05: Just want to share photos of some of my latest commission pieces. These are especially lovely necklaces that I almost felt sad to ship out. But hey, they're all going to be worn by equally lovely ladies! These are my "Raspberry Pearls," "Tourmaline Buds," and "Tiny Berries" (rose quartz, garnet, tourmaline, Swarovski, and a freshwater pearl).
Red and Pink Swarovski and Pearls Tourmaline Buds Red and Pink Dangles

Oh, and word sure gets around. A friend of the lady for whom I made the Colombia flag amulet bag just ordered a similar one for herself. She's from Mexico. Another challenge!

'Cornucopia' and 'Smoke on the Water' in Stringing Magazine10-23-05: It's out! Stringing Fall 2005 is in the stands. And here's a composite of the two necklaces I submitted. They did a wonderful job with the layout. Thank you, editors Jamie Hogsett and Danielle Fox!

Go ahead and grab an issue from your favorite magazine dealers and check out all the beautiful works of art featured in this issue. They come complete with instructions to help you re-create the pieces you want. You can also bid on some of the items donated for the HOPE Bracelet Project. Stringing Magazine is also available online.

Close-ups of the necklaces: Cornucopia and Smoke on the Water.

Colombia Flag Amulet Bag10-12-05: It was a challenge because I had never done an amulet bag before. And the peyote stitch -- what's that? But when a Colombian lady asked me to make her an amulet bag patterned after her country's flag, I couldn't refuse. I quickly searched the 'Net for instructions on how to stitch this little bag necklace; got some seedbeads to match the colors I needed, and went to work. It took three false starts before I finally nailed the even-count tubular peyote stitch. My fingers froze a few times (CTS doesn't take the needle-and-thread sewing action too kindly), so it took a while to complete the project. But in the end, I felt real proud of my newly learned skill and latest accomplishment.

09-03-05: Wow! I am so excited! I can't keep it to myself anymore. Interweave Press (creators of Beadwork Magazine) will publish two of my necklace designs in their Stringing Fall 2005 special issue! They will also include the 4 bracelets and 5 pairs of earrings that I submitted. The magazine is coming out on October 25th. I can't wait!

Ring Pendant08-25-05: Two days after I uploaded samples of my new "ring" pendants, a friend drops by and sees my PC's wallpaper, which, of course, was a picture of my latest creation. After I showed her the different colors I had made, she fell in love with this one -- the gold motif (click picture to see larger image). She also wants me to make her a set of matching bracelet and earrings. I kinda thought I could keep that piece for myself, but... such is life.

Shells and Hearts Bracelet08-23-05: Sally sells seashells in the seashore... shells, shells, shells! At first I didn't know what to do with the strands of shells that came from a friend in the Philippines; but when I designed this bracelet for a "Secret Beader Exchange" at an online beading community, I quickly discovered how much pizzazz they bring! My recipient reacted with loads of praise and excitement when she got the bracelet. That's always good!

Shells and Garnet BraceletOn the right is the set I will send to the friend who shipped the shells to me. The maroon garnet rounds and yellow Swarovski crystals go pretty well with the brown and green tints on the shell beads.

07-14-05: Well, they're on their way. If the magazine accepts just one of my four submissions, I'll be in heaven! Meanwhile, holding my breath for feedback from the kind editors, I'll go back to building my inventory and updating my site.

Avalon Moss Agate Pendant06-14-05: The pendant on the left is the one I mentioned in my 6-12-05 OurSimpleJoys Newsletter. It's the "Avalon" piece (click on the image to see a close-up). My brother said it looks "Persian/Indian." I like the moss agate -- they're a little eclectic in coloration (from dark greens to purples and pinks), and somehow they seem to be smoother and nicer to touch than other polished stones. The wires and the round corrugated bead are 14K gold-filled. The daisy spacers and square beads are vermiel.

06-05-05: A few new items at the Gem Stones, Light and Bright, and Heart Lovers collections. Enjoy!

Heart Chakra Necklace 05-27-05: "I love them!" she said. A wonderful returning client wanted a heart chakra necklace for a friend. According to my book on healing stones, the heart chakra gemstones are of two colors: green and pink. I chose the combination of moss agate and rose quartz. Moss agate has beneficial effects on digestion and strengthens the immune system. Rose quartz is known to symbolize trust and brotherly love, and is helpful in affairs of the heart. It stimulates circulation and opens the mind to beautiful things.

Pink Necklace Set "Marvelous!" was her reaction to the set I designed when she requested for an "all pink" necklace for a pink-loving friend. I found small leaf-shaped strawberry quartz beads in a local bead store, and a matching focal bead in another store out of town. Combined these with rose quartz rounds, Swarovski© crystals, and Czech fire-polished glass beads, and my necklace/earrings set was so dainty pink perfect!

05-05-05: A friend from overseas sent me some millefiore beads. Here's a photo of the first items I put together using my friend's black millefiores and some of the black and red glass and crystal beads that I've been keeping for a while. I think they look stunning!

Black Millefiore Set Black Millefiore Dangles

Turquoise Illusion Necklace The photo on the right is a commission piece. The client requested an illusion type necklace with a set of blue stones ("one big one in the middle, with two small ones on both sides"), which she can wear with her black dress. I thought turquoise would meet her expectations. I chose different types of turquoise -- the middle one is a touch stone which I wrapped with sterling wire to make it a pendant. She loved it!

04-28-05: They published my tip! The Bead Bugle, online publication of a leading beads and accessories retailer, Beadbabe.com, published the beading tip I sent them. Check out the tip entitled, "Storing and Displaying Jewelry In The Same Box" in their Tips From Rena page. Thanks to Bead Bugle columnist Rena Klingenberg!

04-13-05: Site revamp! Pulled out many of the old items and posted lots of new ones. One major change is I'm using a Javascript to open enlarged versions in a pop-up window. I didn't do this the first time because I was worried about pop-up blockers preventing visitors from seeing the close-ups. Well, I'll just have to take the risk -- in exchange for the ease of navigation that it offers. So, go ahead and check the revised pages and let me know what you think.

Another major change is I took out all the "buy now" buttons. It gives me more flexibility regarding my collection pieces. Especially now that I've started distributing my items through retailers. I don't do mass production, so the pieces are "first come first serve." If a particular item is no longer available, I can work with you to design a similar item. So, if you see something you like, email me.

03-08-05: I was just about to post my latest creations here for sale, but after I got an order for as many pieces as I can create, suddenly I don't have anything to add to my online store. But I'd still love to share photos of the jewelry that's now going to a store in the West Coast. Here are some of them (click image for close-up).

02-25-05: I can't believe how lovely they turned out! My latest commission work is entitled, "Arlene Across The Ocean" for two reasons: Arlene is halfway across the globe, and the feature elements of the jewelry set are tahitian peacock-colored pearls. This is the first time I used gold-filled wire, and I must say they make the pieces very elegant. Arlene has seen the photos (she said she loves them and can't wait!) but she'll receive the shipment sometime next week. I'd love to hear her reaction when she sees her new set "in person."

Arlene Across The Ocean

Copper Crystal Hanging 01-27-05: A friend of a friend was here last week and she saw my Eye Catchers Collection. She confessed that she's attracted to kinetic art -- mobiles, wind chimes, and suncatchers -- and has collected quite a few. She asked if I could make one for her -- something bright and crystal-y. We agreed on the number of strands, the length, and the budget. She left all the creativity to me.

She came by today to pick up her order. She was ecstatic!

"It is so beautiful! I love it! You won't understand how much I love it!" - Mary, Orlando, FL

Ahh. Another satisfied customer. Her "Copper Crystal Suncatcher" is the photo on the right (click for larger version). It was a little tough to shoot (it's about 2 feet long, and the crystals kept messing up my camera's auto-focus), so pardon the resolution. These creations are always better "in person."

01-24-05: One of my handmade journals customers discovered my new jewelry section. She asked if I could make a 16-inch "Sacral Chakra" necklace for her, on an x-dollars budget. I said I'd be happy to. When I showed her the design I created for her, she said, "It's beautiful! I can't wait to get it!" I said, it looks much better "in person." When she received it (and her order of a bundle of handmade bookmarks), she said...

"Wow! You were so 'right-on' about the sacral chakra necklace... it's so much more magnificent in person!
Everything turned out beautiful and I'm so happy."
- Karen, San Antonio, Texas

So, here's my latest commissioned work (carnelian, citrine, aventurine, sterling silver), which I proudly call...

Karen Carnelian
[Click image to enlarge]

01-12-05: My latest project sort of dawned on me after I bought a couple of strings of AB crystal beads--they reminded me of a rosary. I strung them in sterling silver wire, added 8mm Swarovski rounds as the "Our Father" beads, hand-twisted a heart for the medallion middle, and added a cross that I had recently bought online. Suddenly, I have a brand new sparkling rosary that I made myself!

Swarovski Rosary Swarovski Rosary
[Click image to enlarge]

12-10-04: An order for three of my Chakra Flowers (jewelry for the car) rolled out yesterday. Here's the snapshot just before I packed them for shipment:

12-06-04: As promised, here's a photo of the bracelet and earrings set (swarovski hearts and sterling silver) I designed for a friend to wear to a formal dinner. Oh, she loved it! I feel so proud of myself. :)

'Lucy' Set
[click image to enlarge]

11-28-04: Latest additions to the "Eye Catchers Collection:" zipper pulls, which also work as key tags or bag tags. Here's my current inventory (recently mailed out an order for 25 assorted), most of which will soon end up in my friends' holiday stockings.

These zipper pulls are great stocking stuffers for the holidays. There's still time -- if you want to order a batch, e-mail me for details (and discounts!).

11-23-04: Busy with my first commission work! It's a set (earrings and bracelet) of dangling swarovski hearts for a formal attire. My friend will be wearing a black evening gown to a formal holiday dinner and she asked me to design the jewelry that will go well with it. I don't want to spoil her dramatic entrance, so I'll stop myself from posting a photo. After her dinner event, I'll post images of the set here.

Another friend also requested for a set similar to my Hematite Spiral Set. It will be her Christmas gift to her Mom.

11-12-04: We are good to go! The Ruby Bayan Jewelry site is up and online! It's my birthday tribute to my Mother, who's probably crafting her heart away in her own little corner in the clouds.

As you can see by the banners above, I have four collections:

  • The Gem Stones Collection - jewelry designed with semi-precious gemstones.
  • The Heart Lovers Collection - designs around the heart shape.
  • The Light and Bright Collection - simple and subtle pieces.
  • The Eye Catchers Collection - jewelry for the home or car, zipper pulls, bag tags, and key tags.
I managed to post a few items onto each collection and I intend to add pieces as quickly as I make them. Please visit every now and then for new items.

And for posterity's sake, here's a photo of the very first set I handcrafted without adult supervision. It's become a gift for a good friend.

Turquoise Set

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