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~~ One-of-a-Kind ~~
All of my creations are one-of-a-kind. If you are interested in any of the items shown, please
e-mail me.
I will gladly work with you to design a similar piece with the elements you desire and within the budget you specify.
Rest assured that your jewelry will be lovingly handmade... exclusively for you. - Ruby

About the
"Eye Catchers"

It's always exciting to dig through a bag of mixed beads. Some of my best hauls were several pounds of handmade glass beads from India and China. While some of the beads were broken, cracked, or mis-shapen, most of them were unique and rather exotic in their freehand distortions.

These unique glass beads are the focus of my "Jewelry for the Home" Eye Catchers collection -- assorted glass and designer beads strung in handtwisted copper, brass, or artistic wire.

They are conversation pieces and stunning additions to your favorite corners and special places in the house. Hang them next to the window where they can catch and reflect sunlight, in an archway, or against the wall as a glittering accent to your decor.

Among my Eye Catchers are "Jewelry for the Car," "Jewelry for the Mantle," and "Holiday Jewelry." I will also be adding more zipper pulls, key tags, and bag tags. Check back every now and then as I make more items available.

The Eye Catchers collection are excellent gifts for holidays, housewarming, and other special occasions.

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"Golden Pond"

"Fertile Ground"

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"Ruby, I got the zipper pulls in the mail today and they are beautiful. Thank you very much. I appreciate your hard work and promptness. I will be sure to refer friends to your website."
- Rebecca J., Texas

"Blue Lagoon"

"Golden Sunrise"

"Crimson Tide"

"Purple Rain"

"Chakra Flowers"

"Chakra Clusters"

"Cherry Quartz Heart"
Zipper Pull / Key Tag

"Opalite Blue"
Zipper Pull / Key Tag

"Sodalite Metal"
Zipper Pull / Key Tag
Chakra Colors

Violet -- 7th chakra -- crown -- Sahasrara -- Thousandfold -- inner power, bliss, understanding, thought, knowledge, wisdom.

Indigo -- 6th chakra -- eye -- Ajna -- To Perceive -- inner strength, intuition.

Blue -- 5th chakra -- throat -- Vissudha -- Purification -- peace, restfulness, creativity, communication.

Green -- 4th chakra -- heart -- Anahata -- Pure Sound of Creation -- harmony, balance, love, compassion.

Yellow -- 3rd chakra -- solar plexus -- Manipura -- Lustrous Jewel -- power, mood enhancement, stress relief, mental and emotional stimulation.

Orange -- 2nd chakra -- abdomen -- Svadhisthana -- Sweetness -- self-confidence, sexuality, energy, nourishment.

Red -- 1st chakra -- base of spine -- Muladhara -- Root Support -- strength, life, vitality, health, security.

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