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Project: Flight of Imagination

The wispy strokes on these silver beads remind me of cool wafts of gentle breeze brushing against my cheeks. Like fleeting wings of imagination, this flamboyant necklace is brisk, alluring, and carefree.

6 clear 6mm Swarovski crystal bicone
14 clear 4mm fire-polished facetted round
1 brushed silver 15mm hexagon
2 brushed silver 15mm flat oval
6 sterling silver 4mm round
2 sterling silver 4mm daisy spacer
1 sterling silver screw barrel clasp
12” sterling silver cable chain
12” sterling silver long cable chain
24” sterling silver 24-gauge round half-hard wire

Finished size: 17.5”

Step 1: Cut off 4 segments of 1.25” and 2 segments of 2.75” from the cable chain. Do the same with the long cable chain. Set the remaining lengths aside for the center dangles. Pair off the segments from both chains to create the double-strand effect.

Step 2: Create a “station” bead by stringing 1 clear round, 1 silver bead, and 1 clear round on sterling silver wire. Using wrapped loops, attach one end of the station bead to one side of the screw barrel clasp, and the other end to the 2.75” double-strand. Make two more station beads to link up the two short double-strand segments. Make the oval focal bead by adding 1 Swarovski bicone on both sides; wrap-loop one end to the double-strand segment; close the wrapped loop of the other end.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for the other side of the clasp.

Step 4: Cut 4 pieces of varied lengths from the leftover chain. Attach bicones and clear rounds to the ends to serve as dangles.

Step 5: Create the hexagon focal bead by adding a silver daisy spacer on each end, and linking the top loop to the loops of the 2 oval focal beads. Slip the ends of the four chain dangles to the bottom loop before closing.

Tip: Wrapped loops are almost impossible to redo – always check your design before closing off a loop.

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