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Peach Princess
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Project: Designing A Bridal Necklace

Bridal Necklace

On a bride’s special day, she must look perfect from head to toe. Everything must work together – the gown, the flowers, the veil, the jewelry. When Regina asked me to design her bridal jewelry for their Star Wars wedding, I took it on as a huge challenge. I had to handcraft a necklace-and-earrings set to work together with her Amidala-inspired gown.

Padme Wedding Gown
Source: Starwars.wikia.com

The first task was to gather inspiration photos. She sent me images of necklace designs she imagined would coordinate with the lace motif of her gown. I sent her some photos of what I imagined would work too. Then I started drawing rough sketches of possible designs.

bridal jewelry drafts

The next step was shopping for elements that I wanted to work with: Swarovski crystals and pearls, natural rice pearls, and gold-filled wires. These were the best things that coordinated with the intricate lace textures of the wedding gown. The bride and groom agreed.

jewelry elements

Necklace Elements: Crystals, Pearls, Gold Wire

Excited, I let my fingers work their magic. My first design was very elaborate.

Bridal Necklace

When I showed the necklace to the bride and groom, they thought it was too overwhelming, considering that the gown is already pearl-studded. So I toned it down. The best thing about my handmade design is it can easily be redone without too much waste.

This was the final set, which became a part of Regina’s perfect day.

Bridal Necklace Regina's Star Wars Wedding

Designing a bridal necklace from scratch is indeed a challenge but if you work closely with a bride and groom who know exactly what they want, Star Wars or otherwise, your creation can be something you will always be proud of.

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