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Project: Bridal Jewelry: The Story

In January 2009, my son's friends Rej and Oneal advised me of their plans for a Star Wars Wedding in Manila. Rej said she will wear a replica of Queen Amidala's wedding dress from the movie series. And they wanted me to be one of their primary sponsors. I readily accepted, feeling honored to stand witness to their union. Then I said, "Let me make your bridal jewelry for you." The following month, exactly one year from their wedding date, I drew the first drafts of my first bridal jewelry project.

Bridal Jewelry Sketch

Rej said that her bridesmaids will wear gold handmaiden dresses, also replicas from the movie series. Her own gown will be off-white, and the color motif of the wedding is white and gold. With these in mind, I suggested that the core materials of the bridal jewelry must be pearls and crystals in topaz and golden shadow. The findings and wires must be gold, not silver.

I exchanged emails with the couple for guidance regarding the approach I should take. They told me what they wanted and led me to sites of the jewelry styles they liked. Then I showed them samples of the core elements and design style I would employ. They were happy with my plans.

Bridal Jewelry elements Bridal Jewelry elements

Several months later, I completed five bridesmaid designs -- all incorporating pearls, crystals, and 14k gold-filled wire. Although the "handmaidens" wore identical attires, their jewelry sets were unique. These became Rej's bridesmaid gifts to her court.

Golden Harvest Set
Honey Petals Set
Honey Petals Bracelet
Sesame Gold Set
Topaz Brook Set
Vessel Set

The black jewelry cases made the gifts presentable. They also ensured that the pieces remained secure as they travelled with me from Orlando, Florida to Manila.

Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry

Here are the bridesmaids wearing the jewelry (okay, Meann and Nina are showing off the Star Wars cupcakes, but you can see the jewelry there too).

Bridesmaid Meann

Bridesmaid Nina


And this is me in the Breha Organa costume (which I also created, but that's another story) with the lovely bridesmaids.

Me and the Bridesmaids

This is the original necklace I created for Rej. When I showed it to her, she said it's a bit too busy, considering that her dress is lace and her veil has numerous pearly accents.

Bride's Necklace

So I created a simpler version with fewer "tendrils."

Bride's Necklace

And here comes the beautiful bride...

Rej, the Beautiful Bride

For more about this incredible once-in-a-lifetime Star Wars Wedding, visit Rej and Oneal's website: A New Life, A New Home

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