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Project: Almost Autumn

The cool, welcoming whispers of autumn brush gently against the lemo-lime shimmer of these glass leaves and rose-carved beads.

42 medium orange 11/0 seed beads
45 lime green transparent 11/0 seed beads
14 rosebud vitral light topaz 8mm fire-polished glass beads
2 yellow/green 25mm glass leaf pendants
6 sterling silver 4mm daisy spacers
2 Bali silver 10mm cones
1 Bali silver toggle clasp
2 sterling silver 2 eye pins
11 of waxed nylon thread

Finished size: 19

Step 1: Cut the waxed thread into six 22-inch strands. Hold the 6 strands together and attach to one eye pin with a tight square knot. Dab a drop of glue on the knot to secure. Holding the strands together, thread them into the beading needle and string 1 rosebud and 1 daisy 5 times. String 1 more rosebud then remove the strands from the needle.

Step 2: Hold 3 strands together and string 1 rosebud, 1 glass leaf, 1 daisy, 1 glass leaf, and 1 rosebud; set aside.

Step 3: Pick up the 4th strand and string 3 lime green seed beads. Repeat with the 5th and 6th strand. Hold these 3 strands together and string 1 rosebud. Separate the strands again and string 3 lime green seed beads on each one.

Step 4: Gather all 6 strands again, thread through the needle, and string 1 rosebud. Remove strands from needle. String 2 inches of medium orange seed beads each on 3 strands and lime green seed beads on each of the other 3 strands. Repeat entire step three times by stringing 3 inches, 4 inches, and 5 inches of seed beads after each rosebud. Gather all 6 strands again, string 1 rosebud, and attach to an eye pin using a tight square knot. Dab glue to secure.

Step 5: Use one of the eye pins to string a cone and 1 lime green seed bead. Form a wrapped loop that attaches to one half of the toggle clasp. Repeat entire step for the other half of the clasp.

Tip: To secure the seed bead strands, tie a tight knot after each rosebud bead and slip the knot into the bead hole to hide.

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