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Feature Projects:

* Project: Designing a Bridal Necklace

* Project: Bridal Jewelry

* Project: Flight of Imagination

* Project: Almost Autumn

* Project: Old Rose


How To:

* Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

* Hang A Crystal Heart

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"Golden Pond"

"Fertile Ground"

The Best of
Stringing 2009

Creative Jewelry 2010

Stringing Spring 2007
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~~ One-of-a-Kind ~~
All of my creations are one-of-a-kind. If you are interested in any of the items shown, please
e-mail me.
I will gladly work with you to design a similar piece with the elements you desire and within the budget you specify.
Rest assured that your jewelry will be lovingly handmade... exclusively for you. - Ruby

Welcome to my Feature Articles section. Some articles here are for fellow handmade jewelry artists and artisans, while others are for handmade jewelry wearers and admirers. If you have questions regarding the articles, you know you can email me anytime.

Feature Projects:

Bride's Necklace
Bridal Jewelry: The Story

Flight of Imagination

Almost Autumn

Old Rose
Bride's Necklace Design
Designing A Bridal Necklace

More soon!

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