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IT, Web Design, Online Marketing, and E-Business

I suppose that if you write for online media, you somehow get into writing about online media.

In my case, I was fortunate to have had some background on HTML, designing and building Web sites, and marketing both online and offline. So, when asked me to write feature articles for their monthly newsletter that targets Web developers and e-business owners, I gladly accepted the challenge.

In early 2003, TechRepublic posted a call for writers for their career and management section. I sent in an application, the editors visited my site for my sample writing, and the rest is history.

My articles on technology, Internet business, and Web site development are products of intensive research, mostly with live quotes from experts in the field.

Technology: Career and Management

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Communication tactics for tech budget approval

Family-friendly IT careers do exist

Web Design

Content Can Make or Break Your Online Business

What Do They Want? Words or Pictures?

Online Marketing

Strategies for Search Engine Placement

Earn Customer Trust - Use Powerful Testimonials


Can You Afford to Risk Your Customer's Privacy?

Prevent Online Purchase Failures

Web Currency - Both Sides of the Cyber Coin

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My technology and Internet articles are published by:
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