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Book Review: "Let Your Goddess Grow" by Charlene Proctor

by Ruby Bayan - 01/20/06

Let Your Goddess Grow: 7 Spiritual Lessons on Female Power and Positive Thinking” is an empowering book spiked with affirmations to nurture and enrich a woman’s soul and psyche.

The seven spiritual lessons are: gain insight by examining the past; manage the daily complexity of work, family, and you; become stronger through adversity; define who you are by knowing your true self; create a mental equivalent to manifest what you desire; use spirit and strength to guide work life; and bring Mother God into your work and life.

Proctor uses affirmations to help imprint the lessons in our subconscious. The chapter on Abundance starts with “I have everything I need in life. My supply is limitless and I continually accept gifts from the universe.”

Towards the end of each chapter is a section entitled “Consciously Create Your Day,” listing several affirmations for the various personal challenges covered by the lesson. For example, for the chapter on “Your Authentic Self,” this is the affirmation for Aging: “Each stage in my life is wonderful. My wisdom and experience acquired from life make me a person who has a lot to offer the world. Every moment I continue to engage in the world is valuable to others. I no longer need disease or illness to secure a place in the world. I am shining, with all my wisdom, in my security. I feel safe knowing no one can take my place.”

Proctor caps each lesson with “Taking Spiritual Inventory” where she asks us to analyze our personal circumstances, write our own affirmation, and list specific action plans. The closing sections of each chapter serve as intimate self-dialogues, where Proctor guides us to appreciate ourselves and map a course to further improvement.

In not so subtle terms, Proctor taps the spiritual nerve to stress the power of the divine in every woman’s daily endeavor. Some may feel that the book is religious, even risqué in the idea that God is both Mother and Father. But if we go beyond the parameters of religion, and transcend to the laws of life and the power of the mind, we will realize that the lessons presented in this book are, in fact, universal.

“Let Your Goddess Grow” is a must read for today’s female. It fleshes out universal truths and awakens the inner senses. It is enlightening, empowering, and absolutely essential to the well-being of the woman within.

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