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Book Review: "Between Trapezes" by Gail Blanke

by Ruby Bayan - 09/15/04

Goosebumps. I had barely finished the prologue of "Between Trapezes: Flying Into a New Life with the Greatest of Ease," when author Gail Blanke managed to make my skin crawl.

Having recently made a huge leap of faith myself, I saw my own circumstances in this book worried and uncertain, determined to make a change but fearful of the consequences. It's heartwarming (and tear-jerking!) to read from Gail that no matter how extremely terrifying it is, flying through the air is actually a good thing.

In "Between Trapezes," Gail walks us through her own life her personal challenges, as well as her privileges, opportunities, and achievements. With each step she pulls out a lesson and a bit of advice. Many times she asks rhetorical questions that help us draw our own conclusions and reach our own "Aha!" moments.

Discussing how people who sense there is something essential missing in their lives tend to cling to what's known, Gail asks, "Isn't the whole point of a great adventure that you don't know the outcome, and that anything can happen? Isn't that why adventures are intrinsically thrilling?"

In the pages of "Between Trapezes," Gail injects her expertise as an executive coach and motivational speaker. She lets you put yourself in the shoes of the people who gained from her coaching a number of them are featured in the book. She lets you imbibe the benefits of virtually having her as your personal bedside coach.

Every chapter is packed with Gail's colorful personal experiences, quotes from famous inspirational personalities, and references snatched from today's real world like the headlines, movies, sports, and politics. Every page has a truth, a lesson, or an inspirational insight about confidence, courage, and self-esteem that you'd want to always remember.

After a wrap-up with a quick summary of her message, Gail caps each chapter with a few exercises -- ways to apply the learning to your own situation in life. It's a highly empowering book.

Here's an excerpt: "This book will show you how to bring a sense of buoyancy into your life. It will enable you to make changes and reinvent yourself in ways that will truly propel your life forward. You'll get the tools that will help you soar into your next life, and the one after that, and the one after that."

So, if you feel somewhat stuck in life, and think that some kind of change is in order, but just can't seem to budge, let this book give you a jumpstart. Let Gail Blanke guide you into the void.

And she quotes...

" because hurtling through the void, we may just learn how to fly." Danaan Parry

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