Ruby Bayan is a freelance writer who likes to share her simple joys.

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"Life isn't a destination -- it's a journey.
We all come upon unexpected curves
And turning points, mountaintops and valleys.
Everything that happens to us
Shapes who we are becoming.
And in the adventure of each day,
We discover the best in ourselves."
       - From a Hallmark Card


I've really enjoyed reading your articles. You have a distinct voice that will add to the diversity of our site. . . .
After reading all of your material, I feel honored that you've allowed this personal view of yourself. You are inspiring, indeed.

-- Angie Parkin
The Foundation for a Better Life

Foundation for a Better Life
This non-profit, non-commercial organization is carrying many of my inspirational stories. Visit them for ways to help make the world a better place for everyone. Then pass it on.

    Ruby Bayan


Gifts and Keepsakes
by Ruby Bayan

One-of-a-kind journals, cards, notepads, gifts

INSPIRATION ARTICLES was the first online venue I signed a contract with. Because I had been writing a "Simple Joys" column (for LifeLine, a Philippine magazine), which was basically inspirational and motivational, I applied for Contributing Editorship of the topic "Inspiration/Motivation" at the Suite. It didn't take long for them to take me in.

I published more than 100 articles in my Inspiration/Motivation topic, with links to other inspiration sites, motivational speakers, newsletters, and quotation archives.

In January, 2006, Suite101 revamped its site. My Inspiration/Motivation topic didn't fit in their new business model, so all my articles were taken down.

Lemons to lemonade, I am now free to publish my articles in my site, compile them into ebooks, or roll them out as inspirational giftbooks. For now, I've listed some of my articles on a page I call...

Inspiration : Motivation : Action
Index of Articles

This section will grow as I find time to upload more of my Suite101 columns. So, do come back. And I hope you find what you're looking for.

Life Coach Videos
Based on 2-minute radio segments aired on
DZRJ 810AM, The Voice of the Philippines

For more Life Coach videos: go to my blog: Learn Something New

Inspiration Articles
Published in Other Venues

[mostly reprints from Suite101 Inspiration/Motivation]

The Path - Jan 2004; Sponsored by the Inspirational Writers' Fellowship, Brookville, PA.
        ~ The Comfort of Tears (only in print).
        ~ Live the Moment Column
        ~ Energy -- That's the Key!

Imprint Magazine
        ~ The Comfort of Tears (only in print).

"The Simple Touch of Fate": real people, real stories; co-edited by Arlene Uslander and Brenda Warneka.

One of the stories in that collection is mine -- "Norman" -- a story about how one of my classmates became a "guiding angel."


"Dear Ruby, Congratulations! Your articles "My Mother, My Role Model," and "My Mother's Hands" have been chosen to receive the "Mothers and Daughters Hall of Fame Choice Award." Your site address has been added to our Hall of Fame page as a Feature Read." - Teresa Brouwer,

Mothers and Daughters Hall of Fame Choice Award


Pursuing Human Strengths In June of 2003, Worth Publishing emailed to ask permission to reprint part of my Suite101 article, "Thanks For Adversities," in a textbook by Professor Martin Bolt of Calvin College, Michigan. I received a complimentary copy today!

Pursuing Human Strengths
A Positive Psychology Guide

by Martin Bolt


Aloha Ruby,

Your writing and attitude are amazing. I feel blessed to have happened across your writing on Suite101. What a surprise to find such heartfelt expression of loving light.

Wishing you love, laughter and all good things,

Indigo Ocean, Healing Words Press


3/03/03 - A gracious lady from Singapore invited me to join the columnists at her site, Felicia Lim put together a huge reference site of motivational speakers with links to most of their inspirational material. Thanks, Felicia, for giving the world this valuable resource!


5/26/01 - I'd like to share an e-mail I received from a young lady in India -- a very heartwarming feedback on one of my articles.

Dear Ruby

I cannot tell you how your article "Inspiring The Inspirational Writer" means to me. I'm Melody M. Durand - 24 years old. Years have gone by with me struggling to make some sense of my restless passion for words and life. The more I tried to write, I realized that I always wanted to share my experiences and love for things with my reader. I wanted my writing to be a message from one human being to the other. I'm so lucky to have found your work.

Yes, your article spoke about the person I am and my role in this life. I thank you for writing. Do not ever stop - it would be a great loss.

Thank You - yes, you have Inspired the Inspirational Writer!


P.S. helped make my role in this lifetime a lot more clearer.

Your work is an INSPIRATION!



Photo at top right taken outside the Mary Queen of the Universe Basilica, Orlando, FL.

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My inspiration and role models:

My Father Was A Veteran, Too

Jose Bayan
Brig. Gen. Jose Bayan

My Mother, My Role Model
My Mother's Hands

Reygula Bayan
Reygula Bayan

A Powerful Message
(from a visitor to my Suite101 column)

Date: August 27, 2001 8:36 PM
Subject: Dreams Come True

I will be turning 35 in October and for a while now, I have given up hope on life and dreams. I have tried to commit suicide a few months ago. By chance, I came across your webpage and Suite101.

I have to say that your articles have given me great inspiration in life, dreams and hope. I have made up my mind yesterday to close this depressing chapter of my life, where I build my life around this someone who abuses me verbally, physically and mentally.

I am beginning a new chapter today and I hope things aren't too late for me. You are my role model and I am planning my life and start living.

Thank you.

Someone living in the east,

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