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How to Save Space in the Kitchen
by Ruby Bayan

Save space in your kitchen The kitchen is often the home's hub, where the family gathers to prepare food, share meals, and even entertain friends. When kitchen space is optimized, food preparation and tidying up becomes more efficient, comfortable and pleasant. Here are some tips on how to organize and make effective use of kitchen space.

What you'll need:

Metal sheet and magnets

What to do:

1. Store utensils and tools ergonomically. Gather frequently used cooking utensils like ladles, mixing spoons, spatulas, tongs and flippers in a large jar near the stove. Store can openers, graters, scoops and measuring spoons in drawers close to the food preparation area.

2. Hang items on walls to free up counter space. Install a wall-mounted spice rack. Attach hooks for hanging mugs. Fasten roll hangers for paper towel rolls. Install brackets and shelves for storing small appliances or pots and pans. Mount a bookrack for holding an open recipe book.

3. Utilize tops of china cabinets and cupboards to store (and display) seldom-used kitchen accessories.

Save space by utilizing tops of cabinets

4. Stack items to save storage space. Fit pots and pans into each other. Pile bowls and dishes together. Sort and stack plastic containers and lids.

5. Add shelving as needed. Make plywood shelves or buy plastic coated shelf racks to add storage space in cabinets and closets. Decide how you want to organize your pantry and add shelves to minimize empty space. Add a vertical "shelf" to store flat items like cookie sheets, cutting boards and cooling racks. Place a small utility shelf over the sink.

6. Use the inside of kitchen cabinet doors. Attach hooks inside the door under the sink for brushes, rags, and other cleaning accessories. Attach a small bin to the inside of one of the bottom cabinets to collect plastic grocery bags for recycling. Install a metal sheet inside one of the cabinet doors and use magnets to post recipes, notes and memos.

Use the inside of cabinet doors

7. Visit your neighborhood home improvement store or go online for the latest innovations in kitchen organization.

Helpful Tips:

For inside-the-cabinet-door memos, instead of a metal sheet and magnets, use a small corkboard and push pins. Adhesive tape and "glue dots" work, too.

For organizing cooking utensils, instead of a jar next to the stove, use a set of hooks attached to the backsplash.

Hang not only from walls but also from ceilings. Consider installing a pot hanger from the ceiling. Fruit and vegetable baskets can also be hung in easily accessible areas.


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