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How to Save Money on Window Treatments
by Ruby Bayan

Beddings into curtains Window treatments don't have to be costly. Expensive drapes, blinds and hardware may look nice, but low-cost creative solutions are just as attractive. When dressing a window to block off noise, light, heat or cold, or make the room cozy and appealing, simply stretch your imagination. Here are some creative window treatments that are easy on the family budget.

What you'll need:

Leftover or recycled fabric
Ribbons or cords
Mop handles or PVC pipes
Spray paint
Hook screw
Tree branch and hemp cord

What to do:

1. Recycle old bedding. Use whole bed sheets or covers, or cut up different colors and designs to mix and match. Simple edging and hemming will quickly convert bed sheets into curtains. If you are adept at sewing, you can add tabs to the sheets for a decorative trim. Consider recycling tablecloths, too.

2. Recycle fabric. If you have leftover fabric from other projects (like dresses, upholstery, or throw pillows), consider using them to craft colorful curtains for the windows in the kids room, bathrooms, or kitchen. Other recyclable fabric would be lace, scarves, handkerchiefs, tea towels, doilies and napkins.

Recycle fabric into window treatment

3. Recycle ribbons and cords. Not all window treatments require curtain rods. Try to install curtains by tying ribbons at strategic sections of the top edge of the fabric and hanging the ribbons on hooks attached to the window frame.

4. Recycle mop handles or PVC pipes. Consider using common household materials as curtain rods. Cut a mop handle or PVC pipe to size and spray paint with your desired color. A couple of hook screws attached to the wall will hold the handcrafted rods in place.

5. Go green. Use dried tree branches as curtain rods. They are free and all natural. Hang the branches by attaching hemp cord loops to nails on opposite ends of the window frame.

Helpful Tips:

Thrift stores as well as estate, garage and yard sales are great sources of curtains, drapes, curtain rods, and recyclable materials like beddings and fabric.

Consider making window treatments from strung beads.


HGTV: Curtains

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