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How to Make a Fruit Centerpiece
by Ruby Bayan

Make a Fruit Centerpiece Preparing an attractive and sumptuous table setting is a must for entertaining at home. Theme décor and dishes, favorite recipes, and loving family and friends are the perfect combination for home gatherings and celebrations. It's the best time to spice up your dining and buffet tables with creative food presentations like this easy-to-make fruit centerpiece.

What you'll need:

Fresh whole ripe pineapple
Fancy bamboo skewers
Lettuce leaves
Serving plate
Cutting board

What to do:

1. Prepare everything you'll need: ripe pineapple, strawberries (cleaned and leaves removed), grapes, skewers, lettuce leaves, serving plate, cutting board and your best knife.

Fruit centerpiece - prep

2. Hold the pineapple upright by grasping the bottom of the crown of leaves (don't cut off the leaves). Peel the pineapple by slicing off the skin from top to bottom. Leave the "eyes" for the next step.

Fruit centerpiece - peel

3. Cut out the "eyes" by carving a "trench" following the line of "eyes" in a spiral direction around the pineapple. This design makes the pineapple attractive and retains most of the fruit's juicy flesh that would otherwise have been cut away with the skin.

Fruit centerpiece - carve

4. Slice away about a fifth of the pineapple. This will allow the pineapple to rest on a flat side on the serving plate. Set the sliced-off piece aside for the next step.

Fruit centerpiece - slice

5. Slice the cut-off piece of the pineapple into chunks.

Fruit centerpiece - chunks

6. Prepare the serving plate by laying down some lettuce leaves and the whole pineapple. Add a strawberry as an accent.

Fruit centerpiece - base

7. String a grape, a pineapple chunk, and a strawberry on each skewer.

Fruit centerpiece - skewer

8. Stick the skewers into the whole pineapple and serve!

Fruit centerpiece - serve

Helpful Tips:

When choosing a good centerpiece pineapple, pick one with a good crown of leaves. The leaves must not be broken, rotten or falling off.

Use well-ripened pineapples. They will have yellowish gold skins and smell sweet. Most pineapples sold in stores are not quite ripe, so plan on your centerpiece ahead of time.

You can prepare this centerpiece the day before the gathering. Wrap it in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator. Serve it chilled.


Never pick up a whole pineapple by the leaves. They could easily break off from the fruit.

Note that pineapple leaves are pointy and sharp. The skin of the fruit is also very rough. If you have sensitive hands, wear gloves when peeling the pineapple.


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Contributed to eHow.com by Ruby Bayan, Home & Garden Topic Expert 2007-2010

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