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How to Clean and Store Holiday Ornaments
by Ruby Bayan

Holiday Ornaments Holiday ornaments are displayed for only a few weeks a year. Regardless of their brief exposure to the elements, they still gather dust and grime over time. Holiday ornaments often have special meaning to our families; keeping them clean and storing them properly ensures that they can be treasured for many holidays to come. Here are some useful tips.

What you'll need:

Soft or microfiber cloth
Soft cloth or jewelry cloth
Soft-bristled brush
Tissue paper or bubble wrap
Assorted plastic bags
Assorted storage boxes
Marker pens

What to do:

1. Set aside sufficient time to take down, clean, and put away holiday ornaments. Not having adequate time for this task results in haphazard cleaning and careless packing of the ornaments.

2. Decide on which process is more efficient for you: (a) gather all the ornaments in one place, clean and put away; or (b) clean and put away ornaments tackling one area of the house at a time. The objective is to be organized and not get in the way of the family's regular routines.

3. Prepare the storage boxes, tissue paper (or bubble wrap), plastic bags and marker pens. Have different sizes of storage boxes so as not to stack too many loose items in one big box. Plastic bags will also help secure and organize the ornaments.

4. Use a soft-bristled brush to dust intricate pieces that could trap dust in deep corners and etchings.

Clean holiday ornaments with a soft brush

5. Use soft cloth or jewelry cleaning cloth to rub dust and grime off small crystal and metal ornaments.

Clean holiday ornaments with a soft cloth

6. Use a duster to remove dust and dirt from ornaments that require minor touch-ups.

Clean holiday ornaments with a duster

7. Wrap each ornament in tissue paper or bubble wrap and pack them in appropriate boxes. Store no more than two levels of items per box to allow adequate protection and cushioning between items.

Store holiday ornaments in boxes

8. Label all boxes with as much detail as possible and attach a list of contents to the biggest boxes.

Helpful Tips:

Ask family members to join you in the task of cleaning and storing holiday ornaments. Teamwork will make the job easier and fun. Children also get a chance to learn how to clean and organize.

Use a soft cloth moistened with a mild detergent solution to remove dust and grime from large glass, ceramic, hard plastic and other water-resistant items.

Whenever possible, keep the original packaging of your holiday ornaments. Returning the items in their own boxes after the holidays helps ensure they are stored properly.

Consider reusing and recycling storage solutions like egg cartons, ice cream and dairy tubs, chips and snack canisters, and other durable containers.


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