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Bring The Blooms of Spring Into Your Home

by Ruby Bayan

'Orchids' by Ruby BayanA garden in spring is Mother Nature's breath of fresh air. She stretches her dry limbs, unfolds her brand new bright green foliage, and flourishes in a splendor of stunning buds and blooms. You almost want to run through the garden and burst into song! But why leave this magnificence outdoors when you can bring the freshness, flush, and fragrance of spring into your home? Let's look at some ways to create spring gardens indoors:

  1. Pick your favorites from your local garden center.

    Many spring blooms had to have been planted last autumn, especially the bulbs that seem to suddenly explode as soon as winter starts to melt away. But if you were too busy with something else last autumn that you failed to prep your bulbs in time for a color-coordinated spring display, don't despair. Professional greenhouse growers are always there for you with blooms you know you could've grown yourself if you had the time.

    Spring is when garden stores are packed with pots and containers brimming with flowers of all colors. Grab a few potted hyacinths, narcissi, crocuses, tulips, and daffodils -- they're early spring blossoms that make dazzling accents for practically every corner of your home. Don't forget flowering ensembles for the buffet table, kitchen counter, and mantle.

  2. Revitalize your planters and containers.

    As gorgeous as plants and flowers are, attractive containers add to the overall charm. You can inject the freshness of spring by bringing in some outdoor plants and propping them in striking planters for a dramatic boost. Your friendly neighborhood garden store should offer a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors to complement and contrast your interior decor and foliage. Choose from wood, stone, metal, clay, and plastic baskets, urns, pots, tubs, and boxes, to name a few. Cluster the containers for added effect. Note that some household items, like watering cans, old teapots, and retired cookie jars, even old-fashioned pots and pans, make eye-catching planters, too.

  3. Make your own spring container garden.

    Mix and match your favorite spring hues and aromas in an oversized bowl or antique basket and make a centerpiece statement. You can combine several blooming cactuses in a terracotta tub. Or maybe a group of violet, red, and yellow primulas in a stone trough. Combine ivy with daisies, periwinkles, and pansies for a cascading spray of greens, purples, golds, and magentas. Create several mini-gardens to serve as harmonized focal points for the different areas of your home.

    When repotting small pots of blooms into your mini-gardens, choose plants that thrive in similar conditions. It helps to research beforehand about plant tendencies, especially if they will be your party showcase pieces to shock and awe your friends and neighbors. Timing is crucial when you want your personal spring gardens to be at their best at exactly the right time.


Quick Plant Care Tips

Make sure the foliage you have brought indoors will appreciate being under your roof instead of the clear blue sky.

  1. Keep them in their preferred conditions. Most spring flowering plants prefer bright to partially shaded areas with good moisture and adequate drainage.
  2. Water as needed. Indoor climate control is often too dry for plants, so check your containers regularly.
  3. Groom them often. Trim off withering leaves and flowers to keep your indoor gardens fresh and vibrant.


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