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How To Decorate Your Planter

by Ruby Bayan

'Decorated Planter' by Ruby BayanMost of the time, the natural beauty of a plant draws attention away from an otherwise drab and no-personality planter or flower pot. But sometimes, when a plant is dormant, non-flowering, or simply needs a little aesthetic help, a decorative (or decorated) planter can make a big difference.

There are many ways to adorn or embellish a planter. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Tie a ribbon around it. Wide, colored or printed ribbons wrapped around the planter and tied in a dramatic bough make stunning accents to the standard green or black planter. Choose ribbon colors that highlight the season -- greens and reds for Christmas, whites and pinks for Easter, or whimsical rainbow pastels for spring and summer.

  2. Wrap it in foil or fabric. Camouflage an ordinary, discolored, or mismatching pot with a dainty wrap -- use shiny colored foil, textured or embossed paper, gift wrapper, printed shelf/wall paper, hemp netting, felt, velvet, satin, denim, lace, corduroy, etc. Be resourceful and creative. Glue or tie the wrap onto the pot.

  3. Paint it. Planter painting kits are commercially available -- complete with brushes, waterproof paint of different colors, and stencils of assorted designs. Make non-flowering greenery "bloom" through bright flowers artfully painted on the planter. Display artistic talent through freehand strokes and splashes of color.

  4. Stick ornaments on it. Being careful not to upstage the plant itself, decorate the planter by gluing tastefully chosen ornaments like beadwork and small handicrafts or stuffed toys. Dried flowers, leaves, roots, twigs, nuts, or beans, can be delicately arranged and attached to the planter as decorative accents.

  5. Enhance it with a handcrafted decor stake. They've been referred to as "Plant Buddies" -- sculpted and painted wooden figures of animals, flowers, and other designs, usually about 3-4" tall, mounted on a stick that is stuck into the planter's soil. The adornment adds a little color and attraction to an otherwise all-green foliage.

Make your office plants stand out. Aside from bestowing utmost care, beautify them by giving their planters a touch of creative art.

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