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Bonding With Your Plants
by Ruby Bayan

'Bonding With Your Plants' by Ruby Bayan What?! You don't talk to your plants?! Why?! Oh, but they do answer back. They even scream! Maybe you just don't pay attention. You may have to come closer. Make contact. Stroke the leaves and pat the soil a bit. You have to bond with your plants because that makes them flourish!

What do you talk about? You can share stories, boast about your latest achievements, tell the latest internet jokes, or gripe about your job -- whatever. They listen and they give feedback! Yes, plants are excellent listeners! And they have feelings, too, you know. So you have to pay attention when they start talking.

Some plants can mind-meld, like the Vulcans in Star Trek. Some talk to you in your dreams. A few are able to utter faint sounds that you will hear only when everyone has left the office and the lights have been turned down. Most of them only communicate by sign language. It's best that you try to find out how your plants connect with you.

The perfect time to talk to your plants is when you're grooming them - sponge bathing the leaves, picking out the lint, and squooshing the aphids. Those are the best times to bond with your plants. It's like when you're bathing a child, or trimming the nails of your dog -- you interact with a combination of a gentle touch and a soothing voice. They like that.

And when you're sharing frustrations and distresses, be careful because, like best friends, your plants will also be heartbroken in case you accidentally scratch their leaves or crush their blooms while you unload in fits of despair. But they'll always be there for you -- with a leaf to cry on.

Your plants will let you know (through mind-meld, soft whispers, or sign language) when they feel the need for some time off -- you know, space, and some time alone. If you have plants that can only communicate through sign language, they will signal when they need to go out and get some sun or some fresh air. Usually they lean towards the window.

Maybe someday some crawlers like ivy, pothos, and sweet potato, will finally evolve into adroit plants that can pick up a pen and communicate through the written word. Then bonding with plants will take on a totally new perspective. Who knows?

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