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Energy for Women Magazine, Jul/Aug 2002, carries my feature, "The Skinny on Zzzs -- Myths and Strategies on Quality Sleep" in their Health Challenge Section (available only in print).

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"The Complete Idiot's Guide to Low-Carb Meals"
by Lucy Beale and Sandy Couvillon

Read my review of "Fit AND Fat"


I've always been a fitness buff -- maybe because my parents raised my brother and me with lots of lessons on how to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally.

My Mom would always serve a balanced meal, and would constantly remind us to drink our vitamins, eat properly, and sleep adequately. My father, having served with the military, taught us how to appreciate working our muscles through exercise and outdoor activities.

On top of these, my parents made sure we grew up in an environment of love, understanding, strength of spirit, and positive attitudes.

Overall wellness is something our family takes seriously, which is why writing about health and fitness requires little effort from me. Below are some of my published fitness pieces.

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Physical Fitness

* How to Beat the Fat-and-Forty Syndrome
* Simple Strategies to Keep Your Weight Down
* The Truth About Breakfast
* Energy--That's the Key!

Emotional Wellness

* Ten Natural Ways to De-Stress
* How to Rise Above Pain and Depression
* Thanks for Adversities
* Dreams Come True
* More at

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Book Reviews

* Conquer The Fat-Loss Code by Wendy Chant
* Fit AND Fat by Sally Edwards and Lorraine Brown

Heartwarmers and Simple Joys


I have really been enjoying visiting your web page. It is so awesome! Today, I needed some encouragement to keep moving forward with the fitness program I started a few months ago. I read your articles about physical and emotional fitness and really got a lot out of them. I also loved your article "Dreams Come True." I am exactly at the point you were when you took your "leap of faith" at around the age of forty. I'm forty-one and am just now turning my life in a completely different direction. I've decided that I'm not going to merely exist anymore... I'm going to live my dream! I feel more alive than I ever have.

Beth Southerland

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A mother can only be tremendously proud when her son follows her footsteps (or footholds)...

My first wall in 1996:

Dante's first wall (the same one, repainted) in 2004:

Location: Power Up Center for Climbing and Fitness, Quezon City, Philippines

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My Father was a Veteran, too.
I'm truly proud of my father. He was a veteran, too, and a real inspiration in more ways than one. He died in 1991, at the age of 84.

Papa and Mommy

My Mother's Termination Notice
"It's terminal... six months," the doctor said. We would lose our mother, too. But, no, not just yet.

My Mother, My Role Model
I honor my Mom this Mother's Day 2001 by sharing the lessons she taught me by example. (A tribute I wrote six days after she passed away.)

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