Ruby Bayan is a freelance writer who likes to share her simple joys.
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Each of the sections in OurSimpleJoys has a short segment that introduces my background, expertise and experience relative to the specific topic area -- my way of explaining how or why I got into writing about the topic.

The intro is followed by article titles with links leading to either the actual venues where the materials are currently published, or to archives of copies of the published work. I retain the rights to most of the articles listed and linked in this site [please e-mail me if you're interested in reprints].

I handcoded everything in this site -- from the layout, to the graphics, to the text content. The domain went live in December 2000. In mid-2001, as a "site solely created and maintained by the writer," it was chosen one of the Top 10 Best Writer's Web Sites by Writer's Digest based on presentation, ease of use, and marketing effectiveness.


I'm a veteran freelance writer/editor who has recently taken the plunge into stock photography.

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My major writing projects include close to 200 articles as a Topic Expert of the Home & Garden section of and contributor for Demand Media Studios. I wrote and edited content for, more specifically for the Fish, Reptiles, Mammals, and Livestock sections.

My writing experience also includes a six-year Inspiration/Motivation column at, a collection of career and management features for an IT site,, and feature writing/editing on various topics for For, I wrote 30+ feature articles and served as a member of their Advisory Board.

In 2001, I launched, a fishkeeping hobby site, with WebSeed Publishing. That year, contracted me as Managing Editor of their Food and Drink section. Soon after, I became a Dean and an online course developer for Suite University.

Before I became a fulltime freelance writer, I had a 15-year career in software systems marketing. Aside from my regular sales, marketing, and product management responsibilities, I developed content for corporate profiles, product brochures, print ads, newsletters, and magazines.

I retired in 1998 from my day job as Director, International Business Operations - North America, Corporate Information Solutions, Inc., Manila, Philippines.

I graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences, back when pocket calculators were the hottest techno-gizmos. I served with the university as research assistant for the Office of the President for a number of years -- until my brother convinced me that COBOL was the way to go. Then there was the Apple, the IBM-compatibles, Mosaic, and finally, the Web. So, here I am.


In 2004, I started calling myself an artist. That year, not only did I sell several big batches of my original handmade journals, notepads, greeting cards, and bookmarks, I also embarked on a handmade jewelry career. I design my own pieces and make them myself. I have sold a number of items, got commissioned for a few more, and continue to build an inventory for my online jewelry store. Many of my creations, showcased in my RubyBeads blog, have been featured in Interweave's Stringing Magazine.

In 2003, I accepted a kind invitation to be posted in the database of MediaMap, a media research company. To quote: "MediaMap is creating a database of Freelance Writers for our clients, which includes the top 20 PR firms, hundreds of smaller firms, and corporate PR departments for the likes of Nokia, Toyota, and Dell."

They wrote a profile about me, which they let me post here:

"Bayan is a freelance writer covering travel, gardening, backpacking, fitness, pets and animals, the Internet, and the craft of writing. She writes features, how-tos, reviews, essays, opinion, columns, resumes, and newsletters. Her work has recently appeared in Energy for Women magazine, Guideposts, Link-Up, and She prefers to be contacted and receive press releases by e-mail. Samples of Bayan's work can be found on her Web site"
Thank you, Gentlemen. Looking forward to wonderful opportunities.


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I recommend the site to all artists -- even those with just a hint of creativity in their veins.

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